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Different forms of warehousing have been around for as long as human beings began agriculture. Since their settlement, the required a place they could store their produce. Warehouses have been around for the last 15,000 years, and the ones we use are a much more recent invention. An efficient and planned warehouse with well-organized racking systems and shelving that emphatically stores goods has their roots in the industrial revolution. Without warehousing, racking and shelving systems, the industrial revolution would not have happened. Advanced warehouses technologically and having the right storage materials has also assisted in the fueling of online shopping, such as Amazon. The type of storage systems today and the storage systems in the future should now target at being safe and smart so as to be profitable.

Industrial Racking

There are an array of warehouse shelving and rack options available, selectively designed to be used with differing storage applications. It is already determined that you should consider the weight, packaging, size, height and method of loading and unloading while selecting a shelving or a rack. Although there is a variety of pallet racking, all kinds allow storage of palletized materials in a horizontal row with multiple levels. Racks have become ubiquitous and essential to modern warehouses since the second world war.

The most common type of racking used today is the selective pallet racking, and it comes in one of two setups: a structural bolt-together configuration and a rolled formed or clip-in configuration. The known components used in making the selective rack include the load beam, the box beam and structural beam. Although rack storage materials may look the same, you should note that they are all not made the same. Most of the bargain brands are built with inferior materials. Nevertheless, you can find a few selected brands on the market that uphold high standards.

The most common material used to make racks is steel. A rack such as a server storage unit uses cold rolled steel that will provide top-quality dimensional accuracy and an excellent surface finish. Steel is mostly used to make racks rather than shelving as they offer increased strength, and allows for a finer detailed finish. It should also be identified that racks come with decking. The decking can either be made of wire or timber. The timber decking contains a close board decking that will provide a solid floor to a certain level while the slated decking is created with a row of timber and will act as a permanent pallet. The wire decking is mostly utilised as a safety measure as it prevents the products stored on them or the pallets from falling through the rack structure.

With the many and varying types of items that need to be stored, racks are also being made of PVC pipes, such as those used to make wine racks. The main essence in identifying the perfect material to make a rack will determine its durability, flexibility and the size of materials you need to store.

On the other hand, there are many choices for shelving. The primary difference between them is ease of installation, affordability, quality and looks. There are shelving materials that will require stain or paint and lacquer while others will not require any maintenance at all. When you are selecting the shelving material, figure the labour, cost and quality before choosing.

The most common material used to make shelves is the economy plywood. It is identified for its excellent resiliency, and it is very light. It may be a good material to make shelves, but it is affected by defects in the surface and holes on the edges. The flaws can be fixed, and you can apply the plywood with enamel paint to make it last a lifetime.

One of the best of all the building materials for shelving is the solid pine lumber. It comes from the lumber yard already cut to with and looks great when finished with lacquer and stain. All that is required of you is to cut it to length, finish and install it. You should look for straight boards that are not capped, long, twisted or warped. Knots are not an issue as you can cut them out.

Most people overlook the particleboard as a shelf material. It has a hard and flat surface, strong and finishes out nicely. It is an economical piece of material compared to lumber or plywood hence should be used more often. With no grain patterns on the particleboard, you can cut it in any direction you require and utilise even the smallest piece. It finishes out better with lacquer and stain than either plywood or lumber.

Just like plywood and particleboard, composites such as MDL (medium-density laminate) are created in hydraulic presses. The major difference is that MDL's both outside layers are made of plastic laminate. It is probably the best all-around shelving material mainly because of its durable plastic finish. MDL is smooth, slick and attractive and it is typically bright white. You can cut and install it in less time compared to any other material, requires less maintenance and lasts a lifetime.

With the many guides to creating your rack or shelving unit, you can use any necessary material. Some companies will also tend to use glass racks or plastic racks to give it a more attractive look. Since racks are not only meant for warehouses, other racks such as the shoe or cloth rack can be made of either, glass, wood, plastic or even chrome steel.

Metal and wood were the most common materials used in making racks and shelving. With time, metal became the only needed material needed as it was stronger and considered more durable. With the discovery of limestone, glass and plastic in the last decade, warehouses, and stores needed to economise on purchasing racks made of other material rather than metal. Though it is still used today, it is still considered more expensive than any material.

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2016 Revealed: The Most Expensive Google AdWords in Melbourne

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We are all aware that Google has numerous revenue sources, but the greatest of its all steady sources is actually in the advertisement. In fact, according to last year’s investigation, the advertisement was found to constitute over 90 percent of Google’s revenue. The study also revealed that Google experienced a 15 percent growth, which is equivalent to an increment in the revenue by billions of dollars.

The advancement and the exponential growth realised are due to the fact that, people are turning away from the traditional methods of advertisement and are encouraging digital means. More and more companies prefer digital advertisement, which in another way de-markets the traditional methods. Even the newly established companies will still choose to go with the digital method. Interestingly, it is now speculated that digital advertising will surpass that of TV, come 2017. Those who have been involved in creating Google campaigns can explain this precisely, how expensive it is. Despite being expensive, the cost per click continues to increase each and every day.

The cost-per-click is basically calculated by some kinds of “auction” taking place during searches. In this regard, those keywords that are searched for by the majority of internet users are the most expensive. They cause a huge traffic, and you will find most competitors struggling to bid on them. Alternatively, we have the tail keywords, which most bidders are not aggressively going for, but they can still serve as a good option to create a substantial amount of traffic on your site.

The cost-per-click also varies depending on the industry and location. It ranges anywhere between one to three digits per visit. But according to the technological advancement and increased internet usage, the cost is prone to increasing further. It may be up to 5 digits; who knows?

Are you trying to figure out what the most expensive Keywords are for Google AdWords in Melbourne, Australia?

This is what we found out!

The data compiled from the keyword database, SEMrush’s revealed the top 200 keywords, which are the most expensively searched for words in Melbourne and Australia at large. We broke down these keywords into seven categories, in order to make it simpler and easier to understand. The list we provide contains only the long-tail keywords that are much targeted. They are very costly, yet they do not receive a great traffic. This is actually possible because we have many competitors for the same keywords. We calculated the highest cost per click on the following categories:

In the insurance category-

Income protection insurance was found to be the highest with $195.67, followed closely by life insurance at $154.46, car crash insurance claim at $148.36 AARP funeral insurance at $146.1, and then lastly, life insurance quick quote at $132.89. From the information above, it is clear that income protection insurance and life insurance are the most expensive keyword phrases.

In the legal services category-

  • Motorcycle accident Sydney- $206
  • The personal injury lawyers- $193.8
  • Australian workers compensation- $191.25
  • Best income protection policy- $189.35
  • Car accident lawyers Brisbane- $174.23

In this category, the most expensive cost-per-click was for “the personal injury lawyers” as the second and “motorcycle accident Sydney” at the top. It is clear that keywords related to legal services take up 20% of the most expensive keywords.

In the finance and trade category-

We have the most expensive keyword being “best mobile trading app”. This is followed closely by “foreign exchange trading Australia”. Generally, the three industries- insurance, finance and law, make up almost 74% of the most expensive keywords. The category is a representative of businesses with great value to the customers, and the managers are ready to pay heavily, in order to get more customers. The other keywords that were also paid for in the finance and trade category include “how to trade penny stocks” at $189.97, “how to start trading” at $179.19, and “best trading apps” at $168.23.

In the software category-

The highest cost-per-click goes to “customer data management software” ($208.5) followed by “best algorithmic trading software” ($126.6). And these two are followed closely by “customer feedback software”, which is paid just over $100 per click.

In business and marketing-

The leading keywords with greater cost-per-click are “social media ROI” ($129) and “enterprise mobility” ($126.94). Another keyword that realised a great price, though not high was “social media content plan” at $95.

In gambling-

We have the leading keyword being “betting odds horse racing” at $108.61 and “Sportsbet logo” at $107.46. Another keyword which was a little less in price was “horse racing betting software” at $94.11.The other keywords in this category include “best bets todays horse racing”($100.07), “the bets betting site”($96.93), and “horse racing betting software”($94.11).

For the household category-

The keywords with highest prices were “carpet flood damage Melbourne” at $119.12, followed by “flood restoration Australia” at $99.77. The businesses are highly valued by the clients, and have a very long lifespan; that is why managers are willing to pay more in order to get the clients. It was also discovered that 9% of the keywords are sensitive to location. To be exact, the most common searches came from Melbourne and other cities in Australia. This implies that PPC is high in case of bidding in Melbourne and other cities experiencing a greater number of searches. Running a small business in Melbourne requires one to be creative while selecting keywords. Choose a keyword that someone within your locality can imminently use. Try and think like a consumer searching for a particular item in your area. Most business owners are advised to use Geo-targeted long tail keywords that would be less costly but very essential.

According to the analysis made, more than 41% of the most expensive keywords contain more than three words in the whole sentence. Using more words in your keywords makes it more detailed and highly targeted. It helps to deliver more detailed information to your clients, who will in turn get more ideas about your site. And the best results will be obtained from the more relevant keywords.

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